• 8 February 2019
    Duurzaamheid label

    Consumers today are making increasingly responsible choices. This applies to what they eat, how they travel, but also to their money. They therefore prefer not to invest in activities that are harmful to humans, the environment or society. That is why Febelfin has developed, in consultation with banks, fund managers and civil society, a quality standard for sustainable financial products, such as investment funds. If these products meet the standard, they can obtain a sustainability label. With this standard, Febelfin aims for greater transparency for its clients and wants to encourage the financial sector to take more responsibility in the climate challenges.

  • 3 December 2018

    Dutch gangs actively recruit young people in our country to funnel through fraud money. In exchange for their bank card and PIN, they promise young people fast money. Febelfin asked Kurkdroog to take on the role of criminals. And so, the comic duo from Antwerp investigated whether young people are really so easily tempted. In no time at all, they lured in five victims. With this action, Febelfin wants to make young people aware that they must never lend out their bank card and PIN code.

Would you lend your bank card for money?