How do Belgians pay?

Fact 1:

Belgians are creatures of habit, also when it comes to their payments. Cash is their payment instrument of choice, especially for small amounts. Belgians settle 63% of their payments in cash. The average amount of these payments is 12 euro.

Fact 2:

Since cash is mainly used for smaller payments, Belgians do not always carry much cash on them. That is especially true for younger generations.

Carry little to no cash on them:

  • 77 %: 18 - 34 years old
  • 64 %: 35 - 54 years old
  • 67 %: over 55 years old

Fact 3:

Belgian consumers believe in a bright future for new(er) payment instruments. 53% expects to increasingly pay through mobile payment using a PIN code and 41% expects to make more contactless payments using a debit card and no PIN code.

Fact 4:

Safety is priority. Belgians prefer a payment method that is:

  • safe (72%)
  • easy (54%)
  • always on hand (42%)

Source: ECB and Bancontact