Febelfin Academy writes new online training story

In the 25 years that the Febelfin Academy - the training institute of the financial sector - has been in place, it has grown into a recognised training partner for the banks and joint funds. This expertise has broken through into the online story of Febelfin Academy: via the new website but also via the digital learning platform, Fa-cts.


For two months, Febelfin Academy has had a new website that guides the user in an efficient and well organised way through its training offering: www.febelfin-academy.be.

The site has many new features and applications: students can not only look for specific courses quickly and in a targeted manner, but can also publish and consult references, share information via social media, etc.

Digital learning solution

Febelfin Academy can call on its own learning platform Fa-cts or “Febelfin Academy Certification and Training Services”.

Students can monitor their learning path on the platform, consult courses taken earlier, carry out exercises, ask questions online to trainers and request certificates.

Instructors can also monitor the participants or examine the evaluation of their lessons.

The platform can be accessed via the Febelfin Academy website.

Training in the spotlight

Introduction to the financial world

Newcomers to the financial sector or employees looking for a broad financial course can take the “Introduction to the financial world” e-learning course at Febelfin Academy.

The tool interactively takes the student through the entire range of products, services and activities of the financial world. The organisation of a bank and the regulatory framework are also covered.

The e-learning section has just been completely revamped and now better meets the needs of students in 2015.

Insurance mediation

Since 1 January 2015 everyone who wants to work as an insurance intermediary must prove his knowledge of insurance in a centralised examination. Just participating in the exam is not enough, and the future intermediary must also pass for each branch of insurance in which he wants to work.

Febelfin Academy is one of the accredited examination centres. To prepare for the exam it provides a formula that combines various training methods (blended learning):

  • Individual correspondence course via:
    • self-study with manuals
    • training on a learning platform (e-learning)
  • Optional coaching sessions at Febelfin Academy or in the company

How to better deal with stress

Some form of stress at work can lead to positive results, but too much stress is often problematic. It throws people off balance and puts their natural resilience to the test.

In the “How to deal with stress better” course, employees learn how to recognise and manage stress. They are given a personalised action plan and are monitored through personal coaching.

Because the instructors deal with this topic based on their own experience in the financial sector, they can ideally guide and support the students with relevant and specialised advice.

All courses and dates are available at www.febelfin-academy.be.