EU Flash: Priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency


Depuis le 1er janvier 2018, soit dix ans après son adhésion à l’UE, la Bulgarie assume pour la première fois la présidence semestrielle du Conseil de l’UE. La Bulgarie s’efforcera, au cours de sa présidence, de tendre vers des résultats réalistes et orientés sur l’avenir pour quatre points importants, comme la croissance économique et l’économie digitale.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous un résumé en anglais de ces priorités.

The priorities of the Bulgarian presidency are driven by its motto: 'United we stand strong', which is also the motto of the Republic of Bulgaria. The presidency intends to work on unity among the Member States and the EU institutions to provide concrete solutions to build a stronger, more secure and solidary Europe.


During the next 6 months, the presidency is willing to focus on four priorities: economic growth and social cohesion, connectivity of the Western Balkans, security and stability and digital economy.

Economic growth and social cohesion

The Presidency will strive for an active and constructive debate on the Multiannual Financial Framework and aim for a balance between the new funds and the already existing ones, between the financial instruments and the grant financing.

Digital economy and skills for the future

The single digital market, the access to innovation, the link between education and the requirements of the future labour market are at the basis of Europe’s competitiveness and technological development. Electronic communication, providing transboundary services particularly to the SMEs, copy rights, e-privacy and cyber security are some of the items on the Bulgarian Presidency’s agenda.

The actions connected to these items will focus on young people: linking their education with learning “the skills for the future”, by introducing information and communication technologies at all levels of the educational system, is the way to achieve a competitive, flexible and successful Europe. 

Connectivity of the Western Balkans

In order to increase connectivity between the EU Member States and the Western Balkans, the Bulgarian Presidency aims to provide connectivity to the Western Balkan countries regarding transport, air, energy, educational and digital issues. 

Security and stability in a strong and united Europe

The Bulgarian Presidency will work towards long lasting and fair solutions in asylum policy, for efficient policies for return and readmission, and for a balanced approach between short and long-term measures. European citizens need security and stability in order to attain European values. This is why great emphasis will be placed on security by considering border controls, exchange of information, and prevention.

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